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DR9000A – Alistair Marks B.V.M.&S., Oak Tree Veterinary Centre, Edinburgh – 10th December 2013 I just want to congratulate Stuart Thornton and his excellent colleagues for our new and superb x-ray system, namely the DR-9000A. We have an ex NHS floating bucky table with a floor to ceiling stand and a modern high frequency generator and for the past three years, an early veterinary CR system. As with any technology, things move on and we were looking at updated CR products, before Stuart offered me a free trial of the DR9000A retrofit system. The sensor panel fitted in the film drawer in our table with no modification and the replacement computer in the place of the older one. The difference in image quality was stunning and the speed and convenience of the 4 second image very popular among our veterinary nurses. I’m keen on radiology and attend as many “film” reading sessions that I can. Now I could take my images along, knowing they were as good as many of those images presented and better than others. The installation was quickly and sympathetically effected. We now have a system that perhaps seems an indulgence for a small practice but has been a real “wow” factor for the clients and does allow us to make better decisions, meaning better medicine. The icing on the cake is the viewing monitor. Completely free to choose from the entire UK range of Eizo medical monitors, available through Processing Imaging, I chose a 27” 3.7megapixel model, approved by the FDA for general human radiology. This brought the final stage of the image acquisition up to the standard of our x-ray generator and our DR 9000A and much improved over a standard HD monitor.
Oaktree Veterinary Practice
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