CHISON Q5VET with D5C20L+ D6C15L probes - ID: CMQ5VET-2

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CHISON Q5VET with D5C20L+ D6C15L probes - ID: CMQ5VET-2
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CHISON Q5VET Colour Ultrasound with D5C20L+ D6C15L probes     -  ID:  CMQ5VET-2

Set the New Standard of Excellence

  •  Q5 Veterinary ultrasound machine is a low-price portable colour Doppler  ultrasound machine
  • It is among the more versatile low-cost portable veterinary systems because of its Doppler capabilities and applications packages available
  • The new Q5 features colour, PW, Power, and Directional Power Doppler modes
  •  Additionally, the Q5 has a 15″ screen with a very wide viewing angle, which comes in handy for many vet situations.
  •  D5C20L Large/Medium Dogs
  • D6C15L Cats/Small Dogs

              £9,999.00+ VAT 


Probes available:

D5C20L  5.0MHz Micro Convex Probe   £1,700.00

D6C15L  6.0MHz Micro Convex probe   £2,000.00

D3C60L  3.5MHz Convex  Probes £1,350.00    

D7L40L   5.0- 12. 0MHZ Linear probe  £1,350.00

D12L40L 7.0-18.0MHz Linear probe    £2,000.00

D3P64L  3.0MHz Phased Array Probe (Big Animal)     £2,200.00

D6P64L 6.0MHz Phased Array probe (Cardiac Specialities) £2,750.00




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Fire CR Flash 70 Digital X-ray Scanner - Installed Feb 2016 "Our digital developer has revolutionised the practice and delighted staff and clients alike. Service support is excellent too"!
Jane Molina - Director - Westoe Vets Ltd - South Shields
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